Please help Identify! - amber bottle with lugs

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I have a love of things “old brown/amber bottles.” Just purchased this particular bottle only for the unique bottle top with pegs. I’ve never even tried to determine age or worth of any bottle I have purchased but I can generally determine what it was. This one I can’t seem to find the info on. Please help.


  • Someone else recently posted photos of an identical bottle. I have no idea as to its use. My only guess is that the lugs provided some additional way to secure the cap because the contents were hazardous or poisonous.

    I would recommend going through some of the glass bottle manufacturer catalogs posted at the

    start with this one

    See if you can find a matching style. Let us know what you find.

  • Thanks. I’ll give it a shot.

  • I happened to notice that the very common (bleach?) bottle embossed HI-LEX also has similar lugs on the neck of the bottle. It is also an amber bottle of the same era. Same company? Competitor?

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