Pint Amber Prohibition Bottle w/ Sailing Ship

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CAN'T find another of these online so far. Seam stops at top of bottle itself. Then a piece, the lip maybe. Then a screw top w/o a lid. Federal Law Forbids just below neck, with a magnificent ship on the glass. Bottom of the bottle includes D9, 56-40, M1641-1. Along the bottom of the bottle all the way around are what look like ocean waves. The ship is amazing, and that side of the bottle dips in up to the neck.


  • I have seen this bottle before (see this post )

    Have tried to tie this to a particular maker but so far I have been unsuccessful. The key is to find a labeled example!

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    If you take a pic of the bottom of the bottle, it may help. I have seen bottles of this type appear in the 50's. I would not be surprised to see a 50-something date mark on the bottom.

    Edit. Sorry just saw the pic of the bottom you posted. Lol. One of those numbers is the date of manufacture. My guess would be 1956.

  • I have this same exact bottle what is the value

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