Whitehall brown glass bottle

I have many old bottles I have one that I need help with it is a whitehall 3 inch high brown bottle it has whitehall on one side on the bottom it has the # 2 a circle with the capital letter I in the middle of circle then the # 8 and below that the # 12 can any on tell me how old it may be and what was it used for thank y'all


  • Photos please!

    Glad to help but photos are essential to understand what you have. Start with a group shot...

  • I have a couple of Whitehall bottles as you described. Whitehall made several medicinal products. Anacin was one of them. The bottle you are describing sounds like an Anacin bottle. My search through Ebay found several examples of these bottles with Anacin labels as well. A search through Ebay should give you a good lead on what you have. My bottles came from a bottle dump of items dating from the early 50's to mid 60's. Hope this helps.

  • Here's a Antique Hoyts Nickel Cologne bottle can anyone tell me how much money its worth the date of how old it is ? Thank you

  • Here's my Whitehall bottle can anyone tell me how much its worth and possibly how old it is?thank you

  • Can anyone tell me how old this is and what its worth

  • Can anyone tell me how much these Are worth please thank you

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