Brown glass bottle, need help identifying!
  • I found this out in our pasture while we were digging one day. It's an amber colored clear bottle with a cork still in the top. It's 3 inches tall and has a 25 mils mark and a 30 mils marks on it. The bottom says 1845 and above that date it has the numbers 7 & 9 with a symbol that looks like a vertical oval with a slimmer horizontal oval inside it. Pictures posted.
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    650 x 433 - 23K
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  • That's an Owens Illinois mark on the bottom, which places it in the mid 20th century age-wise.

    It contained some type of medicine or chemical.


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Antique Bottle Reference

Antique Trader's Bottles Identification & Price Guide by Michael Pollak - about $16 at