What is this very tall (44") green bottle with very long neck?

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44 inches tall...what and why is this bottle?


  • I believe this was a promotional, attention-grabbing piece for liquor store displays.

    I seem to recall these contained an imported liqueur.
  • Thank you Chris!
    Have any idea about what year or years that this was promoted?
  • It is roughly mid 20th century. It is possible that one may gain some further insight from the markings (if any) on the base...
  • Not a mark of any type whatsoever...besides the sort of " harvest theme" and the seams .nothing
  • Thank you Chris!
  • I have one as well.

    The friend I got it from said that his mother got it at a state fair a long time ago.

    Mine still has the wine in it. Any idea what it is worth or have any more info on it?

  • Or have any idea where I can find out?

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    MY parents had this bottle. It’s a chianti wine bottle from Italy or Spain. I believe it’s Via Toscano and my parents bought it in the late 1970s. And had it until I broke it. Sorry I’m a little late to this party. I should probably look at the dates a little more closely.

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