Nj bottle found

Found this clear bottle in Barnegat Bay last week. It's 9" tall, has seams running vertically and has raised wording "Registered W. Worden Lakewood NJ Not for sale. Anyone know what kind and approximate age? Worth?
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  • Hi
    Thanks for posting the pictures.

    Your soda bottle dates to the late 19th century. You can find that shape and style of bottle with the name and address of hundreds if not thousands of bottlers from that era.

    Generically, such a bottle as this is likely in the $10-15 range. Things get more interesting value-wise if your bottle happens to be a scarce one from a small company...that is something only a collector of New Jersey soda bottles will be able to tell you...
  • Thank you very much for the interesting information. Fun find while digging for clams in 4 feet of water.
  • Very interested in purchasing this bottle if you're willing to sell. Contact me at exchf5200@aol.com.

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