Stoddard Pitcher wrapped in sheet metal?? What??

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Does anyone have any clue where this strange item came from? Its clearly a pitcher, hand blown with rough pontil, but I have never seen the wrapped sheet metal! As you can see the glass is dark amber like Stoddard. I think I have checked every corner of the internet, so I am reaching out to you all! Thanks for any leads.


  • If you can't tell in the photo's, there are thousands of seed bubbles throughout the glass and the pitcher is one piece all the way to the base. Very odd indeed, and the small shot glasses are just the same.
  • From a value perspective, one would sure like this to be of Stoddard origin or even anywhere in the US for that matter!

    The bubbles in the glass and overall "intentionally hand blown" appearance point to Mexican made tourist/import glass. It is in the same family as all the bubbly, swirl patterned pitchers, glasses and bowls that one sees that look old but in fact date to the later 20th century.

    Somewhere I have a picture of a bowl with a MADE IN MEXICO sticker on it...will try to find this.

  • Thanks Chris, here's a few more angles maybe they will help. Thanks again!
  • Thanks for the photos in your post. I have a blue glass cup/drinking glass with metal sheath and I've been wondering for years if was really "old" or just looked old. the metal sheath has the diamond and square shapes just like your shot glass photo. I found my cup in a box of old glass insulators back in the late 60's in a KY junk store, apparently it wasn't very old at all at that time!! Anyhow, good to finally know.
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