A van Hoboken Rotterdam bottle - yellow green - not like others I saw

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Hello, and thank you for allowing me to ask a question. I am a glass collector but not bottles so I am hoping you can help me. This bottle is 9.25" tall. It is embossed A van Hoboken Rotterdam. It is yellow green in color (but does not glow in black light). It has a seal on the shoulder that appears to be part of the mold (not applied) with the numbers 860 or possible 1860. It has a wide mouth opening. Is this an old bottle? Or something made to look old? I wondered at first if the top had been cut to make a vase but when I looked at the other van Hoboken bottles on line, the opening appears wider than the top of those bottles and the top appears to be polished not raw like something that had been cut later. Any thoughts you may have on this would be appreciated.


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